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Whether you need ground-up training or just a personal refresher, we offer regular admin training webinars. Come say hello and learn (or relearn) the ins-and-outs of administering your Kazoo platform.

From module-specific deep dives to tips for reengaging your workforce, our special webinars ensure you’re getting the most out of your Kazoo platform. Check out the monthly newsletter and in-app messages for details on the next session.

Looking for HR trends and best practices? The Kazoo Resource Library helps you paint the clearest picture of your employee experience – the whys, whats, and hows that are integral to your employee engagement efforts.

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Our newsletters are carefully curated to provide Kazoo updates, platform deep dives, and useful tips to help you navigate the HR landscape. If you’re a Kazoo customer, keep an eye out for these informative (yet entertaining) emails. Not receiving the newsletter? Email us at .

Our product announcements ensure you’re up-to-speed on all the fun new stuff we’re cooking up at Kazoo. We’ll tell you what’s coming, when it’s happening, how to use it, and what it can do for your organization.

Emails are great, but we know every now and then your inbox can get a little overwhelming. To make sure you never miss an important announcement, we’ll always meet you where you are with in-app notifications.

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This is your go-to Kazoo BFF for all questions big and small. Whether you have an issue with adding a custom reward, need tips on kickstarting platform engagement, or an employee needs help with a platform-related issues, give us a shout at support@kazoohr.com.

If you need assistance with invoicing, your payment method, or changes to your billing contact, don’t hesitate to contact our Billing Team at [email protected].

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