Equip your managers to succeed

Turn good managers into great managers by supporting their success every step of the way.


Build tight-knit teams,
in or out of the office

  • Easily schedule Sync-Ups, the ongoing 1-on-1 conversations that build employee trust
  • Empower managers to have meaningful performance and coaching conversations with regular Check-Ins
  • Conduct Talent Reviews with a complete understanding of employee performance, engagement, and potential
Employees who experience regular 1-on-1s with their managers are 3.2x as motivated as those
who don't.

Take the fear out of feedback

  • Easily request, give, and review Feedback across teams and functions
  • Create custom Incentives to reward employees for seeking feedback
  • Use the manager’s Team Overview dashboard to view all employee feedback
Did you know that inconsistent feedback actually makes performance worse 30% of the time?

Keep teams on target,
and nip issues in the bud

  • Track progress on your team’s Goals & OKRs with transparency throughout the company
  • Identify what’s on track with Insights & Reporting via our Team Overview dashboard
  • Recognize and celebrate achievements across the company with custom Incentives
of employees can’t tie their work to company goals.

Drive employee morale, engagement, and productivity

  • Use the Team Overview dashboard to keep an eye on upcoming birthdays and milestones
  • Celebrate employees publicly and in the moment with Kazoo’s social recognition feed
  • Encourage team-building with peer-to-peer recognition and group rewards


of employees work harder when their boss
shows appreciation.
“I like being able to highlight the skills of my team so that everyone in our company can see each individual's contributions.”
G2 Review,  Mid-Market (51-1000 employees)

Resources for up-leveling managers

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