Work together while apart

Keep your remote and hybrid workforce
connected, aligned, and growing.


Help employees and managers stay aligned and productive

  • Track progress on Goals & OKRs that can be seen by everyone and updated from anywhere 
  • Identify what’s on track and what needs a little extra attention with Insights & Reporting
  • Recognize and celebrate achievement of goals and key results across the company with custom Incentives

Did you know 93% of employees can’t tie their work to company goals? 

Build close-knit teams, no matter where they work

  • Get better visibility into victories big and small with a social Activity Feed
  • Celebrate birthdays, reward career milestones, and vote on Nominations & Awards in one centralized location
  • Put names to faces for employees new and old with a comprehensive People Directory

Did you know that the #1 reason employees leave their jobs is limited praise?

Help employees grow, even during times of change

Did you know that managers can swing employee engagement by up to 70%?

See how LogicMonitor uses Kazoo while working remotely

“I would 100% absolutely recommend Kazoo to any company that is existing in a remote or virtual space. Even if you're a company with an office and you have remote employees, there's a tie-in that happens through Kazoo that you're not going to find many places outside of it.”
Ryan Hill,  Vibe Manager,  Perform[cb]

Resources for remote work and virtual team-building

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