Celebrate wins, big and small

Employee recognition, celebrations, and rewards in one easy-to-use platform.


Employee Recognition & Rewards with Kazoo

Create a culture of appreciation

For dispersed teams, employee recognition and rewards programs keep it all together.

  • Boost engagement with employee recognition that’s visible company-wide
  • Show employees their impact with easy-to-share appreciation
  • Employees, managers, and executives celebrate each other with recognition and rewards points

81% of employees say they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation — so start thanking out loud.

Your team is unique — your employee rewards program should be too

It's time to think outside the box.

  • Motivate everyone with a diverse rewards catalog that includes experiences, custom swag, gift cards, charitable giving, and more 
  • Tie rewards to specific achievements and actions
  • Add charitable causes your employee care about to your Rewards Engine

Employees who feel rewards meet their needs are 7x more engaged than those who don’t.

Give your company initiatives a boost

Your employee recognition program should support your values

  • Drive employee participation in open enrollment, wellness, and more
  • Award points with Incentives that boost your company culture and values
  • Incentivize employee behaviors like completing quarterly Check-ins with their manager, sending Feedback to a peer, or taking part in a company Pulse Survey

The right incentive program can increase employee performance by as much as 44%.

Use rewards to align employees with business goals

Our employee recognition program connects everyone to the process

  • Celebrate the creation and completion of personal, departmental, and company goals & OKRs
  • Boost goal creation and completion with custom Incentives
  • Tie bonuses to learning and development and other training objectives

52% of employees don’t see a connection between workplace rewards and organizational goals — we can change that.

Get to know Kazoo Recognition & Rewards

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  • “Great service for any company.” – Taylor P.
  • “Fun, easy, functional motivation tool.” – Lisa K.
  • “Kazoo is great for motivating people to continue to do great things.” – Michael H.
  • “Kazoo in an incredible tool for recognizing and rewarding desired behaviors!” – Karlene B.

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