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Employee Recognition & Rewards with Kazoo


Create a culture of appreciation

With dispersed teams, appreciation is the fabric that keeps it all together.

Impactful Recognition & Reward programs help employees find meaning in their work and ties that meaning to your company culture and larger company goals. Use Kazoo to: 

  • Create a recognition program that’s visible throughout your company 
  • Give employees, managers, and executives the ability to recognize each other with a personal message and Rewards Points
  • Show employees they’re appreciated and how they’re making an impact on the company

Did you know 81% of employees say they’re motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation?

Your employees are unique — your rewards program should be too

Compensation and cash bonuses aren’t your only options.

Employee Recognition and Rewards that go beyond monetary compensation play a critical part in employee engagement. Kazoo helps you:

  • Provide a high impact, low cost means to reward your employees and motivate your workforce
  • Accommodate the different ways people are motivated by rewards with an extensive catalog that includes experiences, company swag, gift cards, charitable donations, and more 
  • Maximize the impact of rewards by explicitly tying them to the recognition of specific positive behaviors or achievements.

A holistic approach is key since 52% of employees don’t see a connection between their rewards and organizational goals.

Give your company initiatives a boost

It’s easy for corporate programs to get lost when they’re not centralized.

Bring everything from wellness to philanthropy to employee referral bonuses together in one place. Kazoo makes it easy to: 

  • Increase participation in initiatives like open enrollment or health & wellness 
  • Create incentives consistent with your company culture and values
  • Add your favorite charitable organizations to our robust Rewards Engine and allow your employees to contribute to a cause that matters to them
  • Update Incentives to reflect changes in the way your company works, like adding Incentives to increase participation in remote cultural activities

Properly structured incentive programs can increase employee performance by as much as 44%.

Align employees with key business goals

Getting employees to participate in business objectives can be challenging if they’re not connected to the process.

Create custom Incentives based on your company’s Goals & OKRs, programs, core values, or any behaviors that help your employees and business succeed. Kazoo helps you:

  • Easily reward employees for achieving personal, department, and company goals and KPIs 
  • Incentivize behaviors like completing quarterly Check-Ins with their manager, sending Feedback to a peer, or taking part in a company Pulse Survey
  • Tie bonuses to learning and development or other employee training objectives to increase participation 

41% of companies that use peer-to-peer recognition reported seeing increases in customer satisfaction.

Get to know Kazoo Recognition & Rewards

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  • “Fun, easy, functional motivation tool.” – Lisa K.
  • “Kazoo is great for motivating people to continue to do great things.” – Michael H.
  • “Kazoo in an incredible tool for recognizing and rewarding desired behaviors!” – Karlene B.

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