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Kazoo: Your proven unifier of culture, people, and processes after any major change.


Your one-stop shop for unifying culture after major change

  • Publicly celebrate new (and old!) team members in company-wide social recognition feed with notes like welcome messages and birthdays
  • Incentivize connection by boosting team-building activities, mentorships, and more
  • Bring teams together with group recognition and points-pooled rewards
  • Survey employees to give them a space to offer suggestions after a merger or acquisition
80 %
of M&As fail within 3 years — 30% due to organizational culture problems alone.

Align your new workforce on goals, expectations, and processes

  • Make Goals & OKRs aligned from top to bottom and visible company-wide, so everyone works toward the same outcomes
  • Standardize performance conversations and talent reviews for a shared starting place and even playing field
  • Incentivize training and orientation activities to maximize participation and streamline onboarding
  • Understand sentiment around the change to bring teams together and create a more seamless transition
Fewer than 40% of companies have a standardized performance approach post-M&A — which costs them time and money.

Give your managers the tools they need to lead new teams

  • Regular check-Ins and conversations build trust
  • Multidirectional feedback helps managers grow by learning their strengths and weak spots
  • Managers easily engage new employees with public recognition, automated birthday reminders, and more
  • Support managers with employee insight to efficiently implement change and navigate new environments
Low trust in management is one of the top 5 pain points
for employees in acquired organizations.

Customize Kazoo to support your new brand

  • Unify the company with a platform experience featuring company branding, custom backgrounds, and more
  • Custom Rewards let you reflect your brand with swag, experiences, and more
  • Customize Incentives to support your company’s values and support your mission
  • Use custom Surveys or our M&A survey template to get a pulse on how your employees feel
Employees who are aligned behind their company’s brand are 27% more likely to recommend their company as a great place to work.
“When you go through an M&A, employees are nervous that they're going to get lost or feel like another number. But with the Kazoo platform, you can make sure an individual's accomplishments are visible throughout the entire organization.”
Dave Druzynski,  VP of People and Culture,  DealerSocket

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