Workplaces that work for everyone

Create a company culture that fosters inclusion and reduces bias so everyone can achieve their best.


Reduce bias with evidence-based performance reviews

Systemic and unconscious bias is a common challenge in performance management.

To address these inequities, Kazoo helps you:

  • Use Goals & OKRs to consistently establish and evaluate performance expectations and create a regular cadence of accountability
  • Use peer-to-peer Recognition and Feedback to gain a more complete and unbiased view of each employee’s contribution and impact
  • Minimize the bias introduced by “open text box” evaluations with Feedback and Check-In question banks and templates

Did you know 40% of employees say they would leave their current role for a more inclusive one, where they are treated with objectivity and fairness?

Build trust-based manager-employee relationships

Your managers are responsible for creating connected, inclusive teams.

We help you lay the groundwork with frequent and meaningful conversations. Create psychological safety by:

  • Empowering managers with meaningful performance and coaching conversations by using regular Sync-Ups and Check-Ins
  • Using inclusive Recognition, Incentives, and Rewards to encourage well-being, reinforce culture and values, and support social impact initiatives
  • Understanding each employee’s organizational network and level of engagement with Insights & Reporting to identify potential areas of bias or lack of inclusion and collaboration

Did you know 70% of employees believe the bias they experience negatively impacts how engaged they feel at work?

Create equal growth opportunities for every employee

Employee growth depends on coaching, advocacy, and advancement opportunities.

Kazoo helps you create a structure for everyone’s success by:

  • Ensuring managers are having meaningful coaching and development conversations with regular Check-Ins
  • Driving networking across underrepresented talent, managers, and leaders with Incentives
  • Performing fair Talent Reviews using an insights-driven understanding of employee performance, engagement, and potential

Did you know 94% of employees surveyed said they would stay at a company longer if it invests in their careers?

Resources for improving equity and inclusion

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