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Put your people first and turn feedback into action with powerful insights from employee surveys.


Actively listen to each moment of the employee experience

Get powerful insight into employee engagement, challenges, and sentiment towards their work and your company.

From onboarding to exit and every moment in between, your employees’ voices matter. Democratize your workplace with customizable survey templates for onboarding, development, engagement, talent retention, and off-boarding.

When you commit to confidentiality, you build trust and give your employees the confidence to speak authentically.

of employees wish their company conducted employee surveys more often

Identify trends, themes, and key focus areas

Comprehensive analytics help you set and measure the right benchmarks for success. With clear insight into your employee experience, you can inform new programs or improvements to existing ones.

Collect employee sentiment on sensitive topics through customized questions that allow you to capture and communicate the voice of under-represented groups within your organization.

The employee voice is a gift that keeps on giving. Reduce manual effort, automate data capture, and streamline your processes so you can harness its power again and again.

of executives say that employee engagement is critical to their company’s success

Engage with employee feedback while protecting anonymity

WorkTango’s anonymous response functionality lets leaders ask follow-up questions to survey respondents without identifying them, transforming surveys into meaningful conversations.

Frequently interact with employee feedback to support a culture of open communication and collective growth. The more confident your employees are in your response, the more comfortable they’ll feel to keep sharing their thoughts.

What matters to your employees should matter to your business. Understanding the drivers of engagement helps you build a resilient, empathetic workplace that celebrates its people, honors diversity and inclusion, and bands together during times of change.

of companies with effective communication are more likely to have lower employee turnover

Recommended actions help leaders know what to do next

Data is king, but only if you know what to do with it. We take your employee insights and make data-driven recommendations for effective action, showing your employees you hear them loud and clear.

A performance review using Kazoo's continuous performance management system

Equip your managers to best respond to and engage with employee feedback through recommended learnings. Further support their growth with a full library of additional courses.

Through Sync-Ups and Check-Ins, create psychologically safe spaces for managers and their employees to discuss action plans, company responses to survey trends, or upcoming changes.

A performance review using Kazoo's continuous performance management system
More likely to do their best work when employees feel their voice is heard

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