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Kazoo Employee Experience Platform

Powerful solutions together in one platform to keep your workplace connected.

Align teams and drive productivity with Goals

When you align individual goals with team and company goals, you boost employees’ connection to you, plus their understanding of their greater impact.

  • Use goals & OKRs as a framework for weekly 1-on-1 conversations
  • Incentivize employees to set and complete goals
  • Track progress using Insights to give at-risk goals a boost before it’s an issue

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of employees can’t connect their day-to-day work with company goals. Make a change.

Build a culture of celebration and engagement with Recognition

With peer-to-peer, social recognition, you foster a culture of celebration that drives morale, engagement, and productivity all year round.

  • Connect recognition to goals by celebrating goals met — plus hard work toward ambitious goals
  • Give recognition for honest and thoughtful feedback
  • Drive culture by recognizing employees for exemplifying core values

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of employees say they feel motivated to work harder when their boss shows appreciation.

Foster connection between employees and managers with Conversations

Regular performance conversations foster a powerful growth culture and drive manager-employee trust.

A performance review using Kazoo's continuous performance management system
  • Use 1-on-1 Sync-Ups and quarterly Check-Ins to track progress toward goals, and remove blockers
  • Give, solicit, and discuss Feedback to foster growth
  • Premade and custom templates help guide conversations to help managers become better coaches

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A performance review using Kazoo's continuous performance management system
of the time, annual reviews and inconsistent feedback actually make performance worse. Change the game with regular conversations.

Create growth opportunities with Feedback

Giving feedback when it counts — in the moment — is key to creating a fear-free environment where everyone grows to their full potential.

  • Give and ask for feedback in 1-on-1 conversations
  • The Kazoo platform syncs feedback with performance review templates for easy review
  • Use feedback to set better, smarter goals

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of managers admit they don't give enough feedback. Kazoo's templates make it easy.

Bring it all together with Incentives

Incentives let employees earn rewards points for activities that support your company values and initiatives, boosting culture and adoption of your entire program.

  • Offer Incentives for asking for and giving Feedback
  • Create Incentives for setting and completing Goals or completing Sync-Ups
  • Connect Incentives to the behaviors that matter the most

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Actively listen to each moment of the employee experience

Give your employees a voice and make it easy to analyze trends, identify key focus areas, empower your people leaders to act, and engage with employees on the topics that matter most.

From onboarding to exit and every moment in between, your employees’ voices matter. Democratize your workplace with customizable survey templates for onboarding, development, engagement, talent retention, and off-boarding.


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