Perform more. Manage less.

Drive connection, innovation, and employee growth with a continuous performance management system.


Continuous performance management with Kazoo

Align on and deliver your top priorities

Help employees see how their work drives success

  • Make Goals & OKRs visible company-wide, so everyone is working towards the same outcomes
  • Clearly define measurable expectations and track progress toward them
  • Incentivize high-impact behaviors to increase performance

Did you know 93% of employees are unable to tie their actions to their organizational goals?

Create a culture of fearless feedback

Show employees where they stand and how to get to the next level

  • Strengthen teams with managerial, cross-team, and peer-to-peer Feedback
  • Make feedback a way of life with easy-to-use Conversations and coaching
  • Create a culture of communication, clear expectations, and constant opportunities for growth

Employees who receive real-time feedback are 400% more likely to state their performance reviews led them to do better work.

Build better employee-manager relationships

Relationships between employees and managers can make or break your company

  • Enable consistent Conversations between managers and employees to build trust and higher employee engagement
  • Take 1-on-1s to the next level to make managers better coaches and employees stronger performers
  • Equip managers with the tools they need to create high-performing, engaged teams, no matter where or how those teams are working

On teams led by managers who focus on strengths, engagement rose to 61%.

Take the dread out of performance reviews

Continuous conversations make performance management less scary and more impactful

  • Create a standard approach to performance management that gives everyone a level playing field
  • Take the surprise out of reviews with continuous Feedback 
  • Regular, easy-to-schedule 1-on-1 Conversations create a stress-free dynamic 

Companies with quarterly reviews (vs. annual reviews) are 150% more likely to feel reviews reflect employee performance.

Resources for continuous performance management

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