More performance, less management

Create accountability with a continuous performance management system that fosters connection, innovation, and employee growth.


Continuous performance management with Kazoo

Align on and deliver your top priorities

A continuous performance management system helps employees understand how their work impacts their team's and company's success.

With continuous performance management, employees can easily see company priorities and how their work aligns with the business. Kazoo helps you:

  • Make Goals & OKRs at the individual, team, and company level transparent, so everyone is working towards the same outcomes
  • Improve employee focus on the highest value behaviors to increase performance and provide opportunities for Feedback and growth
  • Create the foundation for your high-performing culture by clearly defining measurable expectations for all employees

Did you know 93% of employees are unable to tie their actions to their organizational goals?

Make feedback a way of life for your people

Employees leave companies if they aren’t getting what they need to grow in their careers.

Establish a feedback culture so employees know where they stand and what they need to do to get to the next level. Kazoo’s continuous performance management system makes it easy to:

  • Use “always-on” feedback, Conversations, and coaching between managers, teams, and employees
  • Connect employees with peer-to-peer Feedback that contributes to a culture of accountability, collaboration, and learning
  • Build a foundation of ongoing communication, clear work expectations, and frequent opportunities for career growth

Employees who receive real-time feedback are 400% more likely to state their performance reviews led them to do better work and improve their skill set. 

Build better employee-manager relationships

Relationships between employees and managers can make or break your company.

Strong managers link employees, engagement, and important business outcomes, such as profitability and productivity. Use Kazoo to:

  • Enable consistent Conversations between managers and employees to build trust and higher employee engagement
  • Take 1-on-1s to the next level to make managers better coaches and employees stronger performers
  • Equip managers with the tools they need to create high-performing, engaged teams, no matter where or how those teams are working

On teams led by managers who focus on strengths, engagement rose to 61%.

Take the dread out of annual reviews

A continuous performance management system makes reviews less scary and more effective

When you make performance management continuous and have Conversations year-round, they become more impactful. Kazoo helps: 

  • Create a standardized approach to performance management that gives everyone a level playing field
  • Employees know where they stand every day, so reviews are no longer a surprise 
  • Managers talk to employees about performance and set expectations of their daily work

By moving performance appraisals from yearly to quarterly, companies are 1.5 times more likely to say these reviews actually reflect employee performance. 

Resources for continuous performance management

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