Diversity is Not Enough: A Strategic Framework for Equity & Inclusion in Performance Management


Let’s be real — having your employees complete annual training modules about diversity is never going to truly create a workplace that works for everyone. But that doesn’t mean the challenge is out of your hands. On the contrary — now more than ever, HR and business leaders have the responsibility to step up and lead their workforces into a new era of equity and inclusion. And the tools are within your grasp.

According to experts, unconscious bias drives 99% of our behaviors, day in and day out. Think it’s just a social issue? Think again: It’s also bad for your business. Companies in the top quartile for racial diversity are 35% more likely to report higher-than-median financial returns, and generate 38% more revenue from innovative products and services. 

Overcoming bias is critical to creating a workplace where everyone (and your business) thrives. And with unconscious bias informing our behaviors every day, the only effective approach to fostering diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces must be strategic, integrated, and continuous.

Meet your 5-part strategic framework.

In this webinar, Kazoo Chief Marketing Officer Casey Carey, in conversation with One & All VP of Talent & Culture Elicia Banks-Gabriel, will discuss how to reduce workplace bias, create a level playing field, and help every star shine using continuous performance management, built upon a framework of goals and OKRs, feedback, recognition, performance conversations, and incentives

In addition, Casey and Elicia will dive into the power of using internal talent reviews to reduce bias when determining employee growth opportunities, raises, and promotions — paving the way for leadership that truly reflects the diverse talent at your company. Plus, they’ll share the long-sought golden ticket in DE&I — how to measure the outcomes of your DE&I efforts to gauge the success of your program.