10 Ways An Employee Experience Platform Improves Your Culture

Having built an award-winning employee experience platform, the team at Kazoo has a unique perspective on company cultures. In addition to partnering with companies to improve their cultures, we get to see how they answer, “What is the employee experience?” for themselves and observe how it affects their organizations.

Recently, we took our research a step further to understand what culture looks like in organizations today and what building blocks a culture needs to reap optimal business benefits.

The results are presented in The Employee Experience Optimized. Among them, we uncovered 10 Culture Building Blocks that are vital to the employee experience.

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Below, you’ll find these 10 Culture Building Blocks — and ways an employee experience platform helps put them in place.

An employee experience platforms affects these 10 Culture Building Blocks

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1. A sense of pride for what the company does and stands for

In our research, 93% more employees stated they had pride in their company when the company had clearly communicated core values. Use an employee experience platform to keep core values front and center — in Kazoo, all employee recognition is tagged with them, for instance — to put this building block firmly in place.

2. Positive, trusting relationships with managers

Consistent, positive feedback from managers is an essential ingredient for brewing trust. An employee experience platform that enables real-time, top-down recognition allows you to create a culture of trust and appreciation at your company.

3. Strong, positive relationships between team members

Likewise, having a platform for not just top-down but also peer-to-peer recognition ensures your organization is strengthening the multiple building blocks of a best-in-class culture.

4. Regular feedback on and appreciation for day-to-day work

A full-featured employee experience platform will not only let you redefine recognition and open the floodgates for positive feedback, its reporting and analytics will give everyone actionable insights into day-to-day work, enabling better feedback conversations.

5. A clear understanding of company and team goals

When set up correctly, the recognition and rewards features in an employee experience platform rally teams around objectives. Not only are efforts towards success being recognized by employees, but the system can automatically reward behaviors that contribute toward KPIs.

6. Opportunities for professional growth and continued learning

Here’s where the “social” aspect of effective employee experience platforms comes into play. When participation in learning and growth opportunities is incentivized in front of the whole company, awareness skyrockets. An ROI study of Kazoo customers found they were seeing up to 50% growth in corporate program participation.

7. Knowledge of how individual work makes a difference in company or team success

With strong adoption of an employee experience platform, your company’s activity feed becomes a real-time pulse of everything positive happening across the organization, making it abundantly clear what actions are having an impact.

8. Flexibility to meet demands of personal and professional life

The employee rewards catalog offered through a good employee experience platform will be one that’s customized to the unique needs and motivations of your employees. These rewards can also reinforce your commitment to improve employees’ work-life balance.

9. Swift and transparent company-wide communication

No more waiting for the next all-hands meeting or end-of-year party: an employee experience platform — when integrated properly — will become an instant way to celebrate successes big and small as one team.

10. Opportunities for ownership, creativity, and innovation at work

Employee anxiety about thinking outside the box or going above and beyond for a project is reduced significantly with an employee experience platform. As these behaviors are rewarded consistently via social recognition, others will gain awareness and take advantage of these opportunities within your culture.

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An employee experience platform is a critical component of business success. To learn more about leveraging the right platform to improve your culture and optimize your employee experience, download our full report, The Employee Experience Optimized.

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