Employee Engagement Goals for Managers

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We know that, if there’s anything that makes a manager’s job less stressful, it’s having a team full of engaged employees!

Engaged employees keep the fire of inspiration burning. They take initiative. They contribute quality work to the team and outperform disengaged employees, simply because they are invested in work that is of high value to clients, the company, their leaders and peers.

So what are some employee engagement goals that managers are pushing for, to make 2015 bigger and better than years past? Based on current HR Trends, we’ve come up with three.


Goal 1. Recognize Performance AND Attitude

We say that attitude is everything, but attitude is one of those qualities that can often be overlooked when formally recognizing employees, because it doesn’t seem as “measurable” as results like booking new clients, or cutting down the monthly budget by 10%. Attitude is everything, however, because it’s contagious, keeps morale high and helps motivate people  to excel in their jobs. If someone on your team has a positive  “team-player” attitude, managers (and peers) can recognize them publicly through the Kazoo software, noting how they always show up to bat, ready to “go big or go home” on behalf of their team and co-workers, and how this attitude encourages everyone to put their best feet forward.

Recognizing the more “invisible” qualities, such as a positive attitude, can teach employees how to 1) become more aware of their positive influence; 2) encourage productive team collaboration; 3) value this asset for what it is: a skill.


Goal 2. Consider Apps for Mobile Recognition and Rewards

Managers are pros at finding the best, most timely solutions for pending problems. This is why having a system that allows for recognition and rewards to happen “on-the-go” has become a hot HR trend for 2015. According to Bersin by Deloitte’s* top predictions for 2015, HR solutions that come to market as easy-to-use mobile apps will likely become more popular than web based applications over the next year or two.

A mobile app like Kazoo’s software lets you send recognition to employees from anywhere at anytime. It makes it easier for recognition to become timely, and thus most effective in motivating your employees, because it’s received in the moment, as opposed to when that moment is over. Managers who travel a lot can keep their team on task from afar by accessing the mobile app for individual and group recognition. This mobility is vital in turning recognition and rewards into a habit and a company culture, because it makes giving and receiving recognition easier for the user.


Goal 3. Rethinking Rewards as a Motivator

When done right, rewards motivate employees to do better. They can make your employee feel valued, and inspired to do similar outstanding work. Sometimes, when rewards are not motivating, it can mean that they are outdated, too impersonal, or do not support an employee’s goals, like work/life balance.

Meaningful rewards  can act as an antidote to the various types of stress that employees feel at work. Include activities that assist their well-being, like Yoga sessions, Spa trips, a Mental Health Day, nap rooms, mindfulness programs and so on. Make sure that whatever stress-management rewards you include are ones that your employees actually want.

Another way to spruce up your rewards program  is to include more energizing and fun activities for your employees to redeem. Offer vacations, or an open-ended time for an employee to get away from the daily grind and do something invigorating. Include opportunities for an employee to learn a new hobby, like guitar lessons, or tickets to a local comedy club. Updating your rewards to ones that your employees are actually excited about redeeming can greatly improve the impact of your external motivation efforts. An awesome rewards catalog can be just the right solution to decreasing burnout, turnover rates, and work-related stress. Check out these 25 Reward Ideas or these 50 creative (and Free) ways to motivate.


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*Predictions for 2015: Redesigning the Organization for a Rapidly Changing World

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