15 Employee Appreciation Quotes for Every Situation

Whether you’re celebrating employee appreciation day, giving a quarterly performance award speech, or simply sending kudos to your team, a little thanks goes a long way.

And though employee recognition should be a no-brainer for building team motivation and camaraderie, it happens far less often than it should.

In fact, according to Julie Winkle Giuliani’s research, “81% of employees seldom or never received public praise, 76% seldom or never received written thanks from their managers, and 58% rarely or never received praise from their manager.”

Letting coworkers know you appreciate them is perhaps the simplest way to reward and encourage hard work. Employee recognition leads to confidence, trust, and serves as a wonderful motivator for repeating recognized behaviors.

So without further ado, check out these 15 employee appreciation quotes and share some much-needed recognition with your coworkers, teams, and managers.

Appreciation Quotes for Employees

1. Achieving a goal –  You absolutely CRUSHED your quarterly goal! This achievement is a testament to your hard work, competitive spirit, and raw talent. Cheers!

2. Helping a team member – Everyone at this company is busy, and yet whenever I see a team member ask for help, you are the first person to volunteer. Your commitment to helping out makes problem solving easier, more impactful, and simply more enjoyable. 

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3. Overcoming a challenge –  I’ve never seen an obstacle you haven’t overcome or simply bulldozed your way through, and this situation was no different. Thank you for facing challenges head on, no matter how daunting they may be.

4. Contributing to company culture – You make everyone around you work harder, think smarter, and bring their best self to the table. Our company would not be where it is today without your talents, attitude, and commitment. Thank YOU!

5. Exhibiting leadership – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen you keep your cool under pressure. You’re one of the team’s most valuable assets and truly lead by example. So lucky to have you!

Appreciation Quotes for Teams

6. Achieving a goal – This project required everyone to step up to the plate and deliver their absolute best work. Thank you all for putting in extra hours and focusing on our goals to bring this mammoth project to the finish line.

7. Effective collaboration – Our company’s success is a direct result of how well this team works together. As a group, your commitment to communication, accountability, and collaboration is unmatched – and I can’t wait to see how it continues to grow the business.

8. Going above and beyond – I wanted to take a moment to recognize every single person on this team for not only meeting expectations lately, but exceeding them. I’ve seen people bring new ideas to the table, put in extra hours, and really push themselves to their limits. Thank you!

9. Improved Performance – It’s no secret we had room for improvement this month. But over the last few weeks, I’ve seen this team band together around a common goal and attack it with tenacity. The difference in attitude and performance is incredible – thank you for your hard work.

10. Remaining Agile – Staying competitive means rolling with the punches. Despite having to change course this quarter, our team kept its eyes on the prize and focused on the mission of this business. It’s what sets this group apart and keeps us agile!

Appreciation Quotes for Managers

11. Achieving a goal – Your strategy, trust in our team, and encouragement were the secret recipe for meeting this goal. Despite challenges, you pushed us to think smarter, work harder, and pull out all the stops to reach this milestone. Thanks for leading us across the finish line!

12. Providing mentorship – You’ve been a critical part of my professional growth. Not only do you lead by example, but you take the time to provide meaningful feedback about my performance. Your mentorship is both appreciated and impactful. Thank you.

13. Picking up slack – Managers are busy, and yet you always make the extra effort to take on new projects or help team members who need assistance. You’re a great leader because you’re able to get your hands dirty and lift up those around you when they most need it. Thank you for giving 110%. 

14. Exhibiting leadership – Sure, you’re a team lead, but you truly LEAD our team. We can always trust you to make the right decision, react to situations with empathy, and champion our individual wins to the group. You’re a rock star and we’re lucky to have you.

15. Removing obstacles – Simply put, you make my job easier. Whenever I have a problem, you listen to my perspective, offer advice, and help me navigate whatever challenge I’m dealing with by removing obstacles. Thanks for being in my corner!

Looking for more ways to encourage employee recognition?

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Here are some of our favorite peer-to-peer employee appreciation quotes:

Excellent job catching that typo in the Peterson proposal. It may seem minor, but attention to detail is a major reason clients choose the Shepherd Agency. Much appreciated!

Thank you so much for all the work you guys put into the QBR presentation. Not only was it really interesting and valuable – but I walked away loving this team even more.

You are such a rock star! Helping 50 customers in one day must be a new record. I really don’t know what we’d do without you on the team.

Why do these pieces of recognition have impact? If you’ll notice, each follows one formula: they’re timely, specific, and show why an action mattered. Want more tips? See our checklist for employee recognition.

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