10 Employee Appreciation Day Hashtags

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It is our strong belief at Kazoo that every day should be employee appreciation day. We think, breathe, and share appreciation every day in our office and via our employee recognition and reward software. We know first hand that all kinds of magic happens when people are recognized for their efforts including higher levels of engagement, job satisfaction, collaboration, camaraderie, and retention. Whether or not you use Kazoo, it’s really easy to convert your stream of consciousness into expressions of appreciation for others.

Here’s an idea for you to make every day employee appreciation day. Send a quick Tweet to those you appreciate. Here are 10 Twitter hashtags expressing gratitude and appreciation to get you started:











#youearnedit – Had to slip this one in!

Please let us know if you can think of other good employee appreciation day ideas and hashtags via our Twitter feed. If you’re interested in reading other posts about employee appreciation, check out our blog.

If you want to start making every day employee appreciation day, give us 10-minutes and we’ll show you a quick demo of Kazoo’s employee recognition, reward and engagement software.


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