A culture of appreciation

Use employee recognition and rewards to connect and motivate teams, generations, and dispersed workforces.

Employee appreciation where it belongs, front and center

Empower teams to share employee recognition that is both visible and meaningful.

  • Create visibility and connection with a social Activity Feed
  • Assign employee rewards points or tokens and add a personal message, emojis, and GIFs
  • Reinforce core company values and drive participation in company-wide initiatives
  • Enable coworkers, managers, and executives to amplify recognition with ‘high-fives’ and comments
  • Use filters and notifications to stay connected to coworkers, virtual teams, departments, or key groups of employees

Effective recognition starts with the individual

From peer-to-peer to celebrations, our software supports recognition options for all.

  • Tap into the power of peer-to-peer recognition by allowing everyone to recognize wins both big and small
  • Recognize individuals, teams, or a large group using the People Directory and data from your HCM/HRIS
  • Celebrate coworker’s birthdays, anniversaries, or other important milestones
  • Send company-driven Special Recognition to highlight exceptional moments
  • Manage custom nominations and awards in a single location

Employee recognition matters most when it comes with a reward

From merchandise to experiences and donations, leverage a powerful global Rewards Engine that offers something for everyone.

  • Employees can redeem Reward Points to maximize the impact and appreciation of recognition
  • Employees can choose rewards they find the most motivating, whether its merchandise, gift cards, experiences, or charitable donations from your Rewards Catalog
  • Easily create custom rewards that align with your company culture and core values
  • Manage milestones and employee programs with uniquely curated Special Catalogs
Some employees make a big impact — others need a little nudge

Our employee recognition software helps you keep your finger on the pulse of performance, culture, and collaboration.

  • Gain Insights into your employee recognition program’s effectiveness and overall employee participation
  • Understand who’s giving, who’s receiving, and who’s not engaged
  • Keep track of your Rewards budget and redemptions by points and tokens
  • See how employee recognition aligns with your company’s core values and competencies
  • Dig into your data by department, location, job role, or any other field from your HCM/HRIS with our software

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