Employee Engagement Surveys
that Give Your Employees a Voice

Kazoo has several fast and anonymous surveys built into the platform that deliver actionable data about your company’s employee experience. And who doesn’t like action-oriented data?


Employee engagement surveys from Kazoo

Pulse Surveys

Need a quick, standard survey to gauge your team’s morale? Pulse Surveys come with pre-designed, proven questions for measuring engagement. Lightweight effort, heavyweight effectiveness.

Employee Net Promoter Scores

Think of these as the industry-standard NPS you’re used to, but for measuring employee loyalty. These are one of many ways Kazoo tracks how your employee experience efforts are paying off with employees.

Custom Questions

How was today’s team lunch? What would you like to hear in the next all-hands meeting? Sometimes, the answer to a simple question clears the path to addressing deeper needs. That’s where custom questions come in.

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Results and Analytics

Contextualize your employee experience

Kazoo’s surveys deliver powerful data. These results don’t just give leadership insight into your departments and teams, but more importantly they make sure the voice of the employee is heard. Kazoo’s people analytics provides you with the context you need to comprehensively evaluate your employees’ experience. Our analytics feature makes it easy to answer “why” engagement initiatives are succeeding or stalling and “what” you can do to improve purpose and performance.

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Contextualize the employee experience with analytics from Kazoo

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