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Create and maintain a culture and workplace that is abuzz with energy and passionate for your mission.
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Recognition Software

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Rewards and Incentives

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Behavior Bonuses and Awards

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Insights and People Analytics

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Recognition Software

Reveal and recognize the positive pulse of your company

With Kazoo, it’s easier than ever to spark connection and appreciation across your company. The activity feed reveals peer-to-peer recognition, Behavior Bonuses, and successful project outcomes in real time — putting everyone’s finger on the positive pulse of your company from their desktop or Kazoo’s mobile apps.

Improve connection and collaboration

Our People suite makes it easy to connect with — you guessed it! — the people at your company. Amplify culture and connection and link dispersed teams with our modernized staff directory and filtering tools. And with group employee recognition, you can easily recognize up to 50 people at a time.

Start celebrating employee achievements with real-time recognition

Rewards and Incentives

Give and receive meaningful experiences and rewards

Choose from over 30,000 products along with company-branded merchandise, non-monetary experiences, service awards, and charitable donations, all in a powerful rewards engine. Customizable to what motivates your team, department, and company, Kazoo’s global reward engine is the bonanza you’ve been looking for.

Amplify employee recognition with meaningful rewards

Give and receive employee rewards on Kazoo

Ready to ignite your Recognition & Rewards?

Incentivize employee behaviors with Kazoo behavior bonuses

Behavior Bonuses and Awards

Incentivize the actions that make your business unique

Are there things you wish your employees would do more often? With Kazoo’s one-of-a-kind Behavior Bonus feature, you can increase the behaviors that positively impact not just your bottom line, but everyone’s well-being. Boost participation in corporate programs like open enrollment, health and wellness, and learning & development. Encourage living out your company’s core values through volunteering or cross-department collaboration. Really, the sky’s the limit.

Company awards in less time with more impact

Employee of the Month. Best Safety Record. Salesperson of the Year. We’re here to support any award you give out. Kazoo streamlines your awards, making the process even easier for your organization.

Motivate your employees to take action and encourage collaboration

Insights and People Analytics

Quantify your employee experience

Get data on what’s working and take action on what’s not. Kazoo’s Insights feature helps you recognize milestones, track budgets, and get instant visibility into what rewards motivate employees. Our actionable people analytics can be used to retain top talent, identify disengaged employees, and improve your overall employee experience.

Learn how insights can provide actionable employee analytics

Quantify the employee experience with Insights from Kazoo

Create a rewarding and purpose-filled workplace.