Continuous Performance Management
and Real Time Feedback

With Continuous Performance Feedback, Everyone Wins.
Connect individual contributions to the bigger picture while motivating your workforce to do their best.
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and Feedback

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Metrics and Analytics

Collaborative approach to goal management from Kazoo

Powerful Goal Management

Work together to achieve more

“Set it and forget it” doesn’t work when it comes to goals. That’s why Kazoo takes a collaborative approach to goal management.

In Kazoo, employees set goals that align with larger, company-wide initiatives. Teams track and applaud success together. Everyone sees the value of their contributions — and stays motivated to do great work — in real time from any device.

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Continuous Coaching and Real Time Feedback

Create an “always on” feedback culture

Winning teams are propelled by using continuous feedback to foster collaboration, innovation and growth. Kazoo’s Feedback & Check-Ins transition annual, backward-looking performance appraisals to real-time, development-focused conversations – not only between employees and their managers, but peers as well.

Arm managers with the right tools to give feedback and make better mobility decisions, while creating a culture of happier, more productive and engaged employees. Transform performance management and eliminate the need for rankings. It’s more human, less intimidating, and better engages your employees. What’s not to like?

Create a culture of giving and receiving feedback

Continuous feedback culture and real-time check-ins from Kazoo

Empower and motivate your workforce to do their best.

Talent assessment from Kazoo

Assess Talent Without Ratings

Strategically evaluate your workforce

These days, winning organizations rely less on numeric ratings to assess employees because, let’s be frank: nobody wants to be reduced to a number. This shift, while motivating to employees, is creating a disconnect for managers and leaders between modern performance management and the traditional calibration process.

Kazoo’s Talent Assessment is a quick and simple way to help managers think about each of their direct reports’ performance and potential, providing leaders with an action plan to make more informed key decisions. Talent Assessment is your go-to tool for identifying high-potential employees, enabling proactive leadership development, and building data-driven succession plans.

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Performance Metrics and Analytics

Track your employee’s development

Keep a pulse on how far along your employees are in meeting their goals and confirm your managers are continuously checking in to develop their direct reports. Kazoo’s Analytics feature gives you the line of sight you need to make sure your employees are consistently developing in their careers and achieving their objectives. Continuous performance management means real-time analytics that make sure your responses to performance and development gaps are right on time.

Start getting a pulse on employee development

Employee development analytics and direct reports from Kazoo

Create a rewarding and purpose-filled workplace.