More performance,
less management

Continuous conversations help you stay aligned on goals, track progress, and put feedback front and center.

Continuous Performance Management delivers better business results.

Create Connection

Foster greater collaboration, innovation, and employee growth with "always on" feedback through conversations and coaching between managers, teams, and employees.

Align on Priorities

Achieve your company's most important priorities by easily setting and tracking progress toward goals on individual, team, and company levels and driving improved performance across the board.

Gain New Insights

Gain insights into goals, OKRs, and employee performance, as well as company-wide adoption, to better understand what's working and take action on what's not.

Get to Know Kazoo

See how a Continuous Performance Management approach helps employees to see the bigger picture, motivates them to do their best work, and identifies areas for growth and development.

“Kazoo offers an integrated solution that has really taken our performance and engagement initiatives to the next level. The platform is user and administrator friendly, intuitive, clean, and simple.”
— Jeff F,  Talent & Organization Development Manager,  (customer review on G2)
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