that matter,

Use employee incentives to reward and drive your team’s priorities, culture, and performance.


Company programs become everyone's priority

Incentives allow employees to earn Reward Points for activities that are a priority for your company.

  • Health and wellness programs
  • Open enrollment and other administrative activities
  • Safety and cybersecurity training
  • Learning and development (L&D) initiatives
  • Social giving and impact initiatives

A strong company culture built on values

Incentives help keep your employees aligned and connected in an ever-changing world.

  • Hosting cultural events, virtually or in-person
  • Being an onboarding buddy or shadowing a coworker
  • Asking for or giving Feedback

Everyone aligned and focused

Incentives drive greater success by gamifying employee performance.

  • Achieving financial goals, KPIs, and metrics
  • Creating, updating, and completing Goals & OKRs
  • Holding regular 1-on-1s and Check-Ins
  • Completing strategic initiatives such as acquisitions, major product launches, and key business milestones

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