The foundation for high performance

Empower everyone to set goals or objectives
and key results (OKRs) aligned with larger,
company-wide initiatives.

Goals & OKRs with Kazoo

The power of easily aligning, sharing, and measuring wins

Alignment up, down, and across

Transparent and aligned goals and OKRs help create purpose and focus for all your employees.

  • Easily create goals across all levels, including individual, team, department, and company
  • Add one or more measurable result including percentage complete, yes/no, or a specific target and a due date
  • Customize to match your business whether its SMART, OKRs, FAST, or other goal methodologies
  • Collaborate on shared goals within or across teams
  • Align goals across functional groups and organizational levels
No longer on the shelf, collecting dust

We make it simple for everyone to update and share the status of their work.

  • Make updates and add comments as they occur
  • Track goal progress and risk status
  • Regularly update progress to improve team and individual accountability
  • Filter and view goals by status, cycle, and favorites to get the complete picture
Results everyone can see

Get clear visibility into program adoption and which goals are on track and which aren't.

  • Understand every aspect of your program, from adoption and use to outcomes and performance
  • View alignment and goal progress within and across teams
  • Quickly see the departments, managers, and employees who need additional support
  • Easily filter and view Insights & Reports by level, geography, team, and many other attributes

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