A culture built
on a growth

Thoughtful, timely employee feedback drives growth, collaboration, and innovation across your company.


Peer-to-peer feedback as part of every day

Feedback isn’t just a manager’s job — it's the responsibility of the whole team.

  • Encourage a growth mindset by making it easy for all employees to provide feedback to each other 
  • Standard templates like ‘Start, Stop, Continue’ or ‘Strengths and Opportunities’ ensure feedback is always meaningful and actionable
  • Give employees frequent coaching and mentoring support while encouraging open communication, collaboration, and innovation 
  • Get better information to make 1-on-1 and Check-In conversations between managers and direct reports more valuable

A complete picture with 360 Reviews

A modern approach to performance management starts with understanding the full story.

  • Get a better understanding of cross-department and team collaboration happening within your business
  • Predesigned templates for 360 Reviews make it easy for peers to provide an assessment of their coworkers
  • Use 360 Reviews to uncover growth opportunities, areas for development, and next-generation leaders

The employee voice is a powerful resource

Democratize feedback with employee surveys that are easy for everyone to use and understand.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of engagement by enriching coworker and 360 feedback with surveys
  • Tap into the voice of your employees with pulse surveys, employee NPS, and custom questionnaires 
  • Efficiently manage open and completed surveys and track insights over time

Featured resources for employee feedback and engagement surveys

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