Frequently Asked Questions

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Kazoo [Kah-zoo]: Like the instrument, this name connotes celebration, joy and a sense that all are invited to join in.

Kazoo connects people and creates visibility across teams by welcoming everyone to join in and work towards achievements together.  

We create rewarding, purpose-filled workplaces by bringing your workforce together to cheer each other on and celebrate wins. We give everyone a space to exchange real-time advice and coaching – with peers, managers and the people that matter most. Conversations are continuous and frequent so employees are always pushing forward objectives and their own growth and development.  

Kazoo is when work is working.

Kazoo is the leading People Management solution that brings together robust Recognition & Rewards, comprehensive and easy to use Continuous Performance Management solution, and flexible and insightful Survey. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use our functionality to engage your team.


Meaningful Recognition: Value and skill based recognition that can be sent from your desktop, Outlook email and mobile phone.


Global Rewards: 30,000+ products, company-branded merchandise, non-monetary experiences, service awards and charitable donations – something for everyone, everywhere.


Wellness & Growth Bonuses: Incentivise employees for participating in activities focused on wellness, growth and development – participate at a professional meetup, present an idea, automatically earn wellness points through integrations with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit.



Collaborative Goals: Show employees the value of their individual contributions and motivate them to do great work. Teams can track progress and applaud success together.


Continuous Feedback: Foster collaboration, innovation and growth – not only between employees, managers and teams – but across your entire company.  Feedback is flexible and multi-directional.


Real-time Check-Ins: Transition annual, backward-looking performance reviews to real-time, development-focused conversations. Include recent achievements and progress for productive conversations.


Transparent Talent Assessment: Your go-to tool for identifying high-potential employees, enabling proactive leadership development, and building data-driven succession plans.



Pulse Surveys: Pulse, eNPS and Custom Question – multiple fast and anonymous surveys give your employees a voice and deliver action-oriented data about their experience.



Insights: Actionable people analytics that can be used to retain top talent, identify disengaged employees, track progress on business goals and improve the overall employee experience.

Absolutely! We have a number of product combinations, plus recommendations from experts based on your business and people goals – all in one easy to use platform. Let’s talk to see what’s right for you.

Kazoo connects to the tools your employees use every day to offering an easy, seamless experience with minimal change management.  

Kazoo has an open API, plus integrations with HRIS systems like Workday, BambooHR, ADP and Namely, business and social tools like Outlook, Slack, Salesforce and Yammer. We integrate with all SAML 2.0 SSO providers like Okta, and of course, we have mobile so you’re always connected on-the-go.

Sure are! Kazoo is SOC2 compliant. We understand the sensitivity of the data you’re sharing with us and we take your security needs seriously. Learn more.

Of course! We want to empower your team to celebrate and give thanks whenever, wherever. Redeeming rewards and earning points for growth, development and wellness has never been easier – especially with our integration with Apple HealthKit and Google Fit. Learn more.