A Manifesto for the Future of Work

Now, more than ever, businesses need to focus on the employee experience for their companies to thrive.

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We are in the middle of an Employee Experience Revolution

Our work life is rapidly changing

Today’s employees want a work experience that contributes to their sense of fulfillment. The problem? Many companies aren’t providing employees with what they need to thrive. With the future of work happening in front us, it’s time to revamp the employee experience to better engage your company’s biggest asset — your employees.

What is the Employee Experience?

The employee experience is made up of significant moments during an employee’s journey with your company. These moments create an emotional connection between employees and your business — and they start before hiring and continue long after departure.

The balance between inspiration & alignment

There’s an important relationship between emotional motivators and the balance of  inspiration and alignment within your organization. While companies want workers to be aligned and engaged, employees want to be nurtured and inspired. But inspiration without alignment can take a company off-course and alignment without inspiration feels a lot like prioritizing the company over people’s well-being.

The Four Pillars of EX

There are four deep emotional needs shared across people in most organizations: Connection, Appreciation, Meaningful Impact, and Growth. If your company wants to thrive, you must address these pillars to build an aligned and inspired employee experience.

“Just like with consumers, your employees' emotional attachments are made by great experiences across multiple moments. It’s not just one thing — it’s the totality of experiences. Each bad experience chips away at the bond, and each good experience strengthens it.”
— The Employee Experience Manifesto

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