Economic Impact Calculator

Discover how improving the employee experience and increasing engagement can positively impact your business results.


About the Impact Calculator

A great employee experience leads to high employee engagement — an undeniable producer of productivity and payback. Our EX Impact Calculator will help your company understand how creating a better employee experience and increasing employee engagement can positively impact productivity, customer metrics, retention, and absenteeism.

What's in the custom report?

Based on the information you provide in the calculator, you will receive a custom report that will detail the business impact your company can reasonably expect.

The EX Impact Report will dive deeper into each of the four areas impacted by employee engagement — productivity, customer metrics, retention, and absenteeism — and will show the incremental value over a three-year period that your company could see by focusing on the employee experience.

Depending on your industry and specific situation, your company may see additional benefits such as:

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Fewer safety incidents

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Fewer defects in manufacturing & production

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Less shrinkage and loss

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