the employee engagement survey

What is the Kazoo Engagement Survey?

Built as a companion to the Kazoo Thrive Index, the Kazoo Engagement Survey is a simple 13-question assessment that measures how your employees feel about your company.

The survey and Engagement Survey Toolkit give you full transparency into the key drivers of the employee experience at your company — connection, appreciation, performance, and growth — from your employees’ point of view.

How to use this survey and toolkit

First, download our Engagement Survey Toolkit, which includes answer key and insights, a communications plan and email templates, and action steps for addressing your results.

Then, access the Engagement Survey by clicking here. Simply right-click on the file to make a copy you can administer to your employees.

Assess your employee experience with the Kazoo Thrive Index

The Kazoo Thrive Index is a 21-question assessment for you and other company leaders to measure the state of the employee experience at your company.

You’ll received tailored tips and action steps you can use to align and inspire your workforce. Then, corroborate your results by administering the Kazoo Engagement Survey to your employees.

Get up to speed on the employee experience

What is the employee experience? And why are leading companies focusing on it now? We’ll catch you up. Check out our Employee Experience Manifesto to learn about this key concept, and the power it has to align and inspire your workforce.

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