Assess Your Company’s Employee Experience

 In this new uncharted era of work, it’s time to reassess what the employee experience looks like in your organization.

Our three-minute assessment measures the presence of the four pillars of EX at your company to help you see where you stand now, and how to get to where you want to go.

What Is It

The Kazoo Thrive Index is a 21-question assessment that measures your company’s alignment and inspiration to gauge your overall employee experience. Take the assessment, discover your status, and get tailored tips for how to make your workplace thrive.

Why We Built It

Like we said in our Employee Experience Manifesto, the future of work is changing. Companies thrive when they invest in the four pillars of the employee experience — connection, appreciation, meaningful impact, and growth — leading to employees who are aligned and inspired. This tool helps you get there.

Who Should Take the Assessment

HR managers, company leaders, and those with the power to shape a company’s employee experience will get lots of mileage from the Kazoo Thrive Index. Ready to start the conversation? Have a group of EX stakeholders in your company take the assessment.

Our Employee Experience Manifesto

Unclear on what the employee experience is and why it matters to your company more than ever? It’s time to get caught up. Our Employee Experience Manifesto walks you through the recent seismic shift in the workplace. Plus, it outlines how to get your workforce aligned and inspired going forward.

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