Kazoo Employee Experience Platform

Create a workplace where
all your employees can thrive.


It’s all coming together

Everything you need to improve the employee experience in a single, powerful platform.

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  • Unifying the experience gives employees, managers, and admins everything they need in one place
  • Combining goals with continuous conversations, appreciation, and feedback increases performance
  • Bringing together performance, recognition, and surveys creates a culture where feedback is core
  • Unlocking new insights gives a richer view of performance, collaboration, and organizational health

Continuous Performance Management

Integrated Goals and OKRs, Feedback, Check-Ins, Sync-Ups, and Talent Assessments designed to create alignment and ongoing conversations about priorities, employee performance, and development.

Employee Recognition & Rewards

Peer-to-peer social Recognition, Rewards, Behavior Bonuses, and Awards strengthen company culture, create alignment, and help employees feel more appreciated.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Pre-built and custom surveys make it easy to tap into the voice of your employees more frequently and on a deeper level.

Take your employee engagement to new heights

Transform Your Culture

Create a people-first culture that allows everyone to achieve their best by integrating performance, appreciation, feedback, and growth into everyday activities and workflows.

Put Your Finger on the Pulse

Gain a more complete view of alignment, engagement, and organizational health across teams, functions, and locations by combining performance, recognition, and survey data.

Give Employees a Voice

Embed continuous listening into key processes allowing managers and teams to embrace a culture of feedback and continuous improvement.

“We have a system that emulates the kind of relationship we want employees to have with our customers — one that's intimate and personal. We feel like we're encouraging that same relationship between our employees and our customers.”
— Dean Carter, VP of Human Resources and Shared Services, Patagonia

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