Employee Awards Programs

A Different Approach for Effective Employee Appreciation

Employee award and appreciation programs are at the core of most employee engagement efforts. Yet many traditional employee awards programs fall flat.

The Kazoo Employee Experience platform is different. Our organic, employee-focused approach automatically boosts the effectiveness of your employee award and appreciation programs. Our customers:

  • Build employee participation in corporate programs (including recognition!)
  • See increased employee engagement
  • Cut hours of employee award and appreciation program management
  • Automate service awards programs
  • Unify culture by linking staff appreciation and employee recognition awards to company core values
  • Get actionable insights on how to improve culture

It takes a combination of recognition, meaningful rewards, and actionable insights to make employee award and appreciation programs effective. Employees have to want to use them. And they have to be easy to administer.

The Kazoo platform is the key to unlocking employee award and appreciation programs’ effectiveness.

Employee Appreciation Programs: Integrating Staff Appreciation

The Kazoo employee experience platform makes staff appreciation an integral part of your company culture.

Gone are the days of the ineffective drawer of untrackable gift cards or employee appreciation plaques. Instead, your employee award and appreciation programs become more organic.

– Real-time, peer recognition builds staff appreciation into your everyday workflow.
– Choosing from a variety of meaningful employee rewards makes each one matter.
– The real-time social feed gives a 360-view of your employees’ work.
–  Regardless of seniority, team members at all levels can see what’s happening across the entire company.

Employee Recognition Awards

Standalone employee recognition awards can become demotivating. They take a lot of effort to coordinate. When an employee gets an ‘employee of the month’ award with no understanding of why they received it, it may not resonate. Whoever didn’t get it may feel left out.

Employee recognition awards can be so much more. When tied to core values and reinforced with daily recognition, they play a key role in effective employee award and appreciation programs. Kazoo’s Awards and Nomination feature gives employee award and appreciation programs more impact with less effort.

    • Administrators can easily and automatically set upvotes for an award.
    • Nominations and voting are automatically handled through the platform.
    • Each nomination or vote is tied to a core value or explanation for why the employee should receive the award.

This approach, complemented by daily recognition, reinforces the value of appreciation and offers deeper meaning for employee recognition awards.

Tips for Employee Appreciation Ideas

Automating Your Service Awards Program

Celebrating key milestones and years of service sends an important message. Nearly all employee award and appreciation programs include service awards programs.

Yet these are ripe for innovation. Administrators often manually track key milestones and have to set up some process for celebration: a cake in the break room, a plaque or a substantial cash reward. Not every one of these will resonate with every employee.

Kazoo can automate and amplify service award programs:

  • Anniversaries are automatically programmed into the platform.
  • Admins can set an automatic point gift that an employee can trade for a meaningful reward of their choice.
  • Each anniversary is highlighted, so other employees can congratulate and celebrate their coworker through the platform.

With the Kazoo approach, service awards programs can automatically offer meaningful recognition and celebration that encourages employee. And isn’t that what they’re intended to offer?

Unifying Culture through Effective Employee Award Programs

In today’s world of dispersed offices, mergers, remote workers, and distributed teams – it’s never been easier to develop siloed mini-cultures.

Make no mistake, siloed cultures are inefficient, expensive cultures. Groups don’t share resources. The customer experience can vary from group to group. Employees who are disappointed with politics may leave.

There’s a better way. Building cross-departmental, values-based recognition into employee award and recognition programs enables unified culture.

Kazoo enables this every day. Each piece of Kazoo recognition is tied to a company core value. This reinforces each value and enables administrators to track how each value is resonating.

Effective Employee Awards and Appreciation Programs: Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is ultimately the goal of most employee awards and appreciation programs. Engaged employees stay in their jobs longer, are more productive, offer a better customer experience, and perform better on key company metrics like safety and attendance.

Effective employee awards and appreciation programs build employee engagement.

How do they do this? Mostly by focusing on creating a high-quality employee experience that invites employees to engage.

This experience is determined by the four pillars: connection, appreciation, meaning and impact. The more that an employee gets these pillars at work – the more engaged they will be.

The Kazoo employee experience platform is designed to go beyond the approaches of traditional employee awards and appreciation programs. It organically builds these four pillars into company culture.

It delivers proven results. Kazoo hired a third-party research firm to test the ROI of its employee experience platform. Of the surveyed customers, 100% saw an increase in employee engagement after launching the platform.

Register for a demonstration today and see how you can use Kazoo to build effective employee awards and appreciation programs.