VMLY&R Unifies 12K Global Employees with Kazoo

Company Profile

Marketing agency

12,000+ employees

Do More, Better

Employee Experience Platform

Recognition, Check-Ins,
Feedback, Talent Review


VMLY&R is a global full service marketing agency that has been rapidly growing over the last few years. With more than 12,000 global employees across 100-plus offices, the company looked for a performance management solution to allow them to become more centralized and consistent in creating a culture of feedback.


VMLY&R U.S. has used Kazoo’s Recognition & Rewards solution since 2015, and last year had an 86% employee engagement rate with the platform. The agency saw an opportunity to capitalize on the great usage it has with Kazoo’s Recognition solution by bringing its performance management program into the same platform.

VMLY&R launched Check-Ins, Feedback, and Talent Reviews with its US employees and will be rolling the full Kazoo Platform out to the entire organization in the coming months.

“Our aspiration is that feedback is exchanged freely and often and in many different ways. Kazoo supports that goal for us and this should be what our entire culture is like.”
— Lisa Bridgers,  Chief People Officer, North America


With Kazoo, VMLY&R saw:

0 %

increase in platform engagement year-over-year

0 %

manager engagement in first Talent Review


feedback requests in the first 6 months

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