Trintech Connects Colleagues to Create a Stronger Culture

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Computer Software

450+ employees

Weak Culture

Recognition & Rewards


With employees scattered across the globe, Trintech struggled with culture and compliance.

How do you build a cohesive, robust culture with a dispersed workforce? Trintech had trouble keeping peer-to-peer recognition flowing, especially to remote workers. The company also struggled to get employees to complete compliance training on time.


Trintech used Kazoo to incentivize compliance training and create a unified recognition culture.

With Kazoo’s Incentives in place, employees completed compliance training three times faster. Plus, within six months of implementation, Trintech employees used Kazoo’s Recognition & Rewards solution to send 22,000 pieces of recognition, unifying remote workers and staff across its 13 worldwide offices.

“As we rapidly expand across the globe, Kazoo has given Trintech a platform for us to connect with colleagues and recognize each other’s outstanding contributions in real-time.”
— Teresa Mackintosh,  CEO


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