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Banking/Credit Union

2,000+ employees

Being competitive

Recognition & Rewards


Engagement efforts were challenging to manage and even more challenging to measure.

Internal surveys revealed a need to focus on recognition amongst RBFCU’s employees. RBFCU had been ineffective in the past with manual processes and realized that with a more formal recognition program, they could also keep a focus on their members as the organization grew.


RBFCU used Recognition and Rewards to elevate their member experience program.

With the recognition platform in place giving employees visibility of RBFCU’s employee efforts, the awareness of the member experience program went way up as employee KPIs were celebrated by recognition. Potential rewards were selected with the employees in mind, allowing them to use their points towards whatever they wanted – no more generic cash cards, plaques, or gift cards.

“Kazoo is a great fit for what we do and what we stand for. Employees are more consistently giving good service. If we treat each other well, we are seeing that there’s a return on investment to members ”
— AVP Learning and Development,  AVP Learning and Development


After a year with Kazoo, RBFCU saw the following results:

0 %

decrease in employee turnover

0 %

increase in number of employees hitting high member service scores

steady increase month over month

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