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Patagonia’s performance management process didn’t reflect its company culture and values, and did little to drive employee growth.

The company’s performance management tool was outdated and underutilized. Accessed by users just twice a year, the tool lacked transparency, was mired in hierarchy, and did little to promote the growth mindset at the heart of Patagonia’s values.


Patagonia adopted Kazoo’s platform to update and streamline its goal-setting and performance management process.

Drawn to Kazoo’s proactive, collaborative approach to performance management, Patagonia knew it had found its cultural match. Patagonia used Kazoo’s tools and data, rebranded as COMPASS, to set powerful goals, create company-wide transparency, and improve performance metrics.

COMPASS leverages the science of objectives and key results (OKRs) to help employees set goals, promotes a growth mindset by treating development as a regenerative process, and leverages the power of the crowd through Kazoo’s social functionality. With COMPASS, 98% of Patagonia employee’s personal goals are visible to the organization, and feedback at the company is now shared openly and frequently.

“Now the conversation employees have with their managers is really different, and the manager’s role becomes a true coach versus just rater/evaluator. That’s the future of conversations – people are empowered with data they didn’t have before.”
— Dean Carter,  Vice President of HR


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goals now transparent throughout the organization

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