OLV Human Services Doubles Program Participation

Company Profile


950 employees

Weak culture

Recognition & Rewards


OLV Human Services’ high turnover rate was hurting customer service and the company’s budget.

With employee turnover at 25%, it was clear the nonprofit needed to address the problems of its disconnected, dispersed employee base. While OLV Human Services had an employee recognition program, it was outdated, time-consuming, and wasn’t resonating with employees.


OLV Human Services reduced turnover and increased response rates on employee surveys with Kazoo’s Incentives — leading to a 30% reduction in both voluntary and involuntary terminations.

The nonprofit used Kazoo’s Recognition & Rewards solution to incentivize retention efforts such as onboarding, training, and service awards. Additionally, OLV’s use of Kazoo’s surveys to gauge and foster employee engagement boosted participation in company wellness and team-building initiatives by 200%.

“Any survey we incentivize in Kazoo, we get over 100 responses. We used to get only 6-7.”
— Jordan Benkelman,  HR Organizational Development Coordinator


After implementing Kazoo, OLV Human Services saw:

0 %

increase in responses to corporate surveys

0 %

reduction in both voluntary and involuntary terminations

0 X

more employee recognition than expected, with consistent usage since launch

0 X

participation in wellness and team-building programs

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