Meredith Reduces Turnover with a Unified Culture

Company Profile

Marketing and advertising

500 employees

Weak culture

Recognition & Rewards


Meredith struggled with high employee turnover and a cultural identity crisis.

In an industry with a 30% turnover rate, digital ad agency Meredith had to engage its employees to decrease flight risk. A strong culture was the key to success — but Meredith’s cultural disconnect from its parent company was a steep challenge.


Meredith used Kazoo to foster a unique culture of appreciation centered around its core values — and cut its turnover in half.

To define and strengthen its distinct company culture, Meredith tailored the look and feel of the Kazoo platform. Engagement with the platform hit a stunning 96% as employees shared real-time, peer-to-peer recognition and earned rewards reflecting Meredith’s values.

“As an HR person, I know employee engagement is more than just a buzzword. It’s going to drive our organization’s financial success.”
— Steve Pope,  Director of HR


After switching to Kazoo, Meredith saw:

0 %

reduction in turnover

0 %

engagement with Kazoo platform

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