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LogicMonitor, a leader in the IT infrastructure market, was acquired by Vista Equity Partners in 2018. With large growth goals in front of them, the company knew that keeping employees engaged while building on their well-established culture would help them get to the next level. The company was determined not to lose what they worked so hard to build and started their search for a recognition program. 

As part of their search, LogicMonitor also wanted a solution that could integrate with their service awards program. The company’s All Star Awards, which started in 2014, are a cornerstone of their culture to highlight top performing employees. LogicMonitor was looking for a more turnkey solution for their quarterly awards program so it could continue to grow with the company


As one of the only Recognition & Rewards solutions to offer a built-in Nominations & Awards feature, LogicMonitor knew Kazoo would be the best fit for their business. The company’s All Star Awards program got a big boost when LogicMonitor moved it to the Kazoo platform. With 75% of their employees already actively engaged with Kazoo, having their All Star program in the same place made it more accessible. In fact, the company increased its nominations by 30% year over year.

By using Kazoo for their Recognition & Rewards program, LogicMonitor has been able to add to their employee experience while maintaining their culture as the company continues to scale. 

“From creating Incentives to running analytics to receiving or sending points and redeeming rewards for the user, the platform is useful, intuitive, and rewarding.”
— Gillian Calley,  Learning & Development Business Partner


After using Kazoo for over two years:

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