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Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona was stretched thin — culturally. With 4,000+ team members spread across different time zones, states, and communities, the nonprofit found itself siloed and disconnected internally. As a result, retail workers felt separated from the corporate team, store employees were disengaged, and high performers were leaving for other retail opportunities.

For their CEO, reimagining company culture was a top priority — which meant the organization needed a solution to bridge the gap between their corporate and retail employees to create a unified company culture.


The team at Goodwill of Central & Northern Arizona turned to Kazoo to launch a sweeping culture of recognition. The nonprofit implemented Kazoo’s Recognition & Rewards solution across both its corporate offices and retail locations to diversify its methods of engagement and recognition. Then, the team created innovative rewards and programs that broke down silos and granted access to leadership — like lunch with the CEO, and a weeklong “Attitude of Gratitude” campaign.

Today, gratitude, communication, and recognition flow across Goodwill’s stores and locations. Best of all? The highest performing stores are run by managers who regularly use the Kazoo platform to send recognition, and whose teams take fewer sick days and show higher engagement.

“Kazoo is smack in the center of our people strategy going forward.”
— Lauren Linsmeyer,  Director of Culture and Engagement


After using Kazoo:

105K +

pieces of recognition sent by employees

102K +

pieces of recognition sent by managers

0 %

of employees active on the Kazoo platform

2K %

increase in platform engagement during “Attitude of Gratitude” campaign

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