Evergreen Home Loans Cuts Admin Costs with Kazoo

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Evergreen Home Loans’ outdated employee recognition program was cumbersome, costly, and ineffective.

The company had a manual employee recognition plan in place, but implementation varied widely across Evergreen Home Loans’ 64 locations. Engagement surveys revealed that some employees felt didn’t feel recognized or valued for their work.


Evergreen Home Loans created a consistent culture of appreciation with Kazoo — which resulted in an improvement in its corporate brand, dramatically reduced administrative costs, and numerous company culture awards.

Using Kazoo’s Recognition & Rewards platform, Evergreen Home Loans employees were able to consistently share real-time, peer-to-peer, public recognition across offices. In a cultural 180, Evergreen Home Loans won multiple Best Place to Work awards, and the platform reduced administrative overhead significantly.

“I’m surprised at how little I think about rewards budgeting and administering our rewards program now. We’re saving at least a part-time position each year due to fewer administrative costs, time and labor, and rewards budget savings.”
— Regina Angulo,  HR Manager


Since launching Kazoo, Evergreen Home Loans saw:

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