DealerSocket Connects Team with Recognition After Major M&A

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DealerSocket, an industry-leading software for auto dealerships, was rapidly growing — and looking for a solution to bring its workforce together. The challenge doubled when DealerSocket acquired competitor Auto/Mate in early 2020.

Merging two well-established businesses — and two unique company cultures — is never a small feat. And for DealerSocket, the difficulty compounded when COVID-19 shutdowns forced the company into increasingly remote work within a mere months of the merger. To protect its brand new culture, DealerSocket knew employee experience would be key.


DealerSocket signed on with employee experience solution Kazoo in 2019 to unify culture across its expanding operations. Now, in the face of an M&A and a global pandemic, the company leaned into Kazoo’s solution to bring everything together.

Administrators, managers, and employees used the platform to integrate new team members by sending recognition in the company-wide feed, awarding Incentives for completing trainings and attending meetings, providing feedback, celebrating birthdays, and more. The company quickly came together in a culture of gratitude and collaboration.

“Kazoo is really just a one-stop shop for recognition for all our employees.”
— Chelsey Kraatz,  People & Culture Specialist

In DealerSocket’s first 18 months:

0 %

of employees sent recognition

0 %

of recognition was cross-departmental

37K +

pieces of recognition sent

80K +


0 %

of employees received recognition

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