Apple Federal Credit Union Increased Staff Loyalty Scores with Kazoo

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In 2019, Apple Federal Credit Union’s staff loyalty was at an all-time low. Organizational changes and shifts in the credit union’s IT systems had taken a toll on employee morale. Apple’s recognition strategy needed a major overhaul. 

With Apple FCU’s old paper-based rewards system proving too cumbersome to maintain, team members were left missing the individual recognition they were used to getting. Apple needed a strategy that could be easily accessed and easily maintained, to boost staff loyalty – fast.


Apple partnered with Kazoo to launch a modern Recognition & Rewards solution across its 21 branch locations and corporate office. Within three months of implementation, 91% of supervisors and 85% of employees were using Kazoo and cross-department recognition rose to 50% participation.

The credit union also set up customized rewards and Incentives that aligned with its four key principles, as well as with current HR initiatives and events. Now, the rewards allow team members to save up for items and experiences they really care about, or even send points to their colleagues. 

After implementing Kazoo, recognition at Apple is now happening broadly, easily, and constantly — without the administrative burden of the credit union’s old paper rewards system. And as a result of their increased focus on the employee experience, Apple FCU’s staff loyalty is the highest it’s been in several years.

“Our goal was to raise our eNPS by 10 points. After implementing Kazoo, it rose 13.5 points, to 57.30.”
— Jen Madden,  AVP of Talent Development


Apple FCU's successes with Kazoo include:

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point increase in eNPS after implementing Kazoo

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