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Weak culture

Recognition & Rewards


AMain had a high turnover rate and low participation in company programs.

Once a small, family business, AMain’s culture became siloed and strained as the company expanded. With outdated recognition practices and a feeling of disconnect contributing to a high turnover rate, AMain knew it needed to make a change.


AMain used Kazoo’s Recognition & Rewards program to create a more unified culture across departments, reconnect employees and boost participation in company programs.

With 94% of AMain employees using Kazoo’s tools to share real-time, peer-to-peer recognition, silos and disconnect gave way to a culture of renewed connection. Plus, Kazoo’s Behavior Bonuses incentivized increased employee participation in safety, team-building, and wellness programs.

“Since we started using Kazoo, our exit interviews with employees have provided positive feedback about the company. We are even seeing some previous employees ask for their jobs back.”
— Kelly Bennet,  Chief People Officer


After implementing Kazoo, AMain saw:

0 %

of employees engage with the program, unifying the culture across departments

0 %

participation in safety, learning, and team-building initiatives

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