2U Uses Kazoo to Maintain Culture Amid Rapid Growth

Company Profile


1,000+ employees

Weak culture

Recognition & Rewards


2U had difficulty engaging a rapidly growing, dispersed workforce. 

Rapid global growth limited executive visibility within the company and strained 2U’s culture. Compounding the issue? 2U’s employee reward system was inconsistent and not strategic, limited by the timing and tax implications of rewards.


2U used Kazoo’s Recognition & Rewards platform to engage employees — and manage its rewards budget — to offer customized, meaningful rewards at a low cost.

Kazoo’s platform enabled 2U to connect its employees through real-time, globally visible, peer-to-peer recognition and rewards that reflected its core values — strengthening employees’ bonds with the company and with each other.

As a result, 2U employees became more connected than ever: Over 50,000 pieces of recognition were sent on the Kazoo platform in the first 15 months. This gave executives better visibility into the company’s day-to-day operations, with an average of half of the executive team reading recognition posts daily. Plus, rewards were more affordable and tied directly to the company culture, reducing overhead and boosting engagement.

“In a feedback survey, one employee said, 'I no longer feel like I’m on an island because of Kazoo'.”
— Erin Newbill,  Total Rewards Director


After implementing Kazoo, 2U saw:

0 K

employee recognitions sent

0 K

health and wellness actions tracked through Incentive redemptions

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