Have better performance conversations

Help your employees achieve their best with frequent, effective 1-on-1 and performance review conversations.


Conversations with Kazoo

Connect more regularly, deeply, and meaningfully

Make employee 1-on-1 conversations more productive

  • Schedule 1-on-1 or 1-to-many conversations, anytime with anyone
  • Add relevant Goals, Objectives and Key Results, Feedback, or other topics to your agenda
  • Record notes and action items to reference in future conversations
  • Integrate your Sync-Ups with automated calendar invites

Check-Ins provide smarter, more meaningful performance conversations more often

  • Create more meaningful performance conversations, more often, with a configurable question bank and standard templates
  • Discuss overall Goal & OKR progress and collectively identify any needed updates
  • Review Feedback from coworkers, 360 Reviews, and other areas for growth and development
  • Summarize overall performance and areas for employee development and longer-term career objectives

Create a fair, consistent employee evaluation process with Talent Reviews

Featured resources for 1-on-1s and employee performance reviews

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