Vista Equity Partners

Vista Equity Partners, Investor in Kazoo

Vista Equity Partners invested in YouEarnedIt in 2018, shortly before YouEarnedIt acquired HighGround. In 2019, YouEarnedIt and HighGround merged and became Kazoo. Vista had invested in YouEarnedIt with the goal of accelerating the company’s growth within the human resources and employee engagement industries. This investment came from Vista’s Endeavor Fund, which supports technology and software organizations’ growth at a rapid yet sustainable rate. With the help of Vista’s investment, YouEarnedIt was able to hit a milestone goal where it acquired HighGround, a Chicago-based HR software company. Prior to Vista’s investment in YouEarnedIt, the company had received investments from Motley Fool, Silverton Partners, Capital Factory, Ridge Ventures, and IDG Ventures USA.

René Yang Stewart, Senior Managing Director and Co-Head of the Vista Endeavor Fund, said of Vista’s partnership with YouEarnedIt, “Employee engagement and productivity continues to be a top focus for companies. YouEarnedIt’s innovative approach to employee engagement provides a true platform for companies to enhance their culture of engagement and create incredible transparency across the organization. We are thrilled to be partnering with YouEarnedIt to help the business continue its strong trajectory of growth.”

About Vista Equity Partners

Vista Equity Partners is an Austin-based investment firm, with additional offices in Chicago, New York, Oakland, and San Francisco. The firm specializes in working with enterprise software, data, and technology-based companies. Vista was founded in 2000 and is led by Chairman and CEO Robert F. Smith, who is recognized as an influential leader, given his many business and philanthropic accomplishments. Vista approaches investments with a strategic approach that yields long-term, sustainable growth and optimizes outcomes for all shareholders. The firm works closely with their partner organizations, helping support their goals and often celebrating the great work and achievements of their customers on the Vista website and Vista LinkedIn profile

Vista is passionate about its philanthropic work and partners with organizations that are focused on creating educational opportunities for people from all backgrounds and expanding access to computer science and STEAM education. True to its technology-based roots, Vista also supports several initiatives that teach children about coding and the opportunities that they can achieve by pursuing careers in STEAM fields.