What WorldatWork Revealed About Employee Recognition Programs

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The future of employee recognition programs was on display at this year’s WorldatWork Total Rewards Conference held in Dallas.

Having attended this year’s conference and helped hundreds of organizations build rewards and recognition programs that work, the Kazoo team has enjoyed plenty of opportunities to speak with technology providers and HR professionals alike about how employee recognition programs are evolving.

And it seems we aren’t alone: In the wake of the conference, The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) published two articles that echo our thoughts on where employee recognition programs and total rewards are heading.

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Employee Recognition Programs Will Help Performance Management

Motivated and engaged employees perform better — so why are organizations overlooking the role of employee recognition programs and total rewards in performance management?

One SHRM article that came out of the Total Rewards Conference, How Total Rewards Can Drive Performance Management Success,” talks about this.

Employee recognition programs, financial wellness, employee fitness, work/life balance, compensation, and career development — all of these aspects of total rewards must be customized and prioritized in order to see success in performance management and retention.

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The Digital Future

Get Ready for the Digital Future of Total Rewards,” SHRM said, coming out of this year’s Total Rewards Conference.

Between employee recognition programs, total rewards efforts, and other investments companies already make in the employee experience, there is plenty of data on hand.

The “digital future” is one in which technology helps your organization take all the data from these efforts and get real, actionable insights into turnover, engagement, productivity, and other bottom-line priorities, according to SHRM.

Speakers at the Total Rewards Conference pointed out how organizations such as Google are using these kinds of insights to optimize benefits like maternity leave, pay structures, and more.

As for our take, given where the future of employee recognition programs and total rewards is headed, it appears there’s never been a better time to think holistically and opt for one powerful platform that ties your employee experience efforts together.

And that’s a future we can’t wait to see unfold further at next year’s Total Rewards Conference.

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