Webinar: How to Develop Managers Who Engage Their Teams

If there’s one thing that can truly transform a company’s culture, productivity, and turnover rate, it’s good management.

And though most businesses want to believe their leadership teams are stacked with engaging managers, the numbers tell a different story. In fact, Gallup’s recent studies show that 50% of all employees cite poor management as a reason they leave their jobs.

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The good news?
You don’t have to re-hire your entire team to find managers that will take your company to next level. You simply have to develop them.

In our latest webinar, Kazoo and HCI have teamed up to identify four management myths that are holding businesses back — and we’re ready to share them with you and your team.

Developing Engaging Managers Webinar

Webinar: November 7, 2:00-3:00pm EST

So, if you’re ready to reimagine workplace leadership, join Kazoo and HCI for industry-backed stats and insights that will arm you with the tools to grow world-class managers and productive, engaged teams.

Register for our 45-minute webinar and you’ll learn:

  1. Research-backed ways to develop managers who engage the employees around them
  2. How to avoid the “management myths” that lead to poor employee management
  3. Actionable advice and next steps based on real-world success stories

16 Secrets for Building Better Managers Guide

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