4 Ways to Combat Toxic Company Culture

Companies don’t usually start out of the gate with a toxic company culture. Over time, with market changes, company changes, and leadership changes – company culture may turn toxic without you noticing. Suddenly, departments are hoarding information, coworkers don’t want to help each other out, and people don’t want to come into work in the morning.

Leaving a toxic company culture to fester isn’t going to do you any favors. And make no mistake: having a toxic company culture costs you money. It creates turnover costs, difficulty in recruiting, employees who are unmotivated and less productive, and negatively impacts your customer experience.

Improving a Toxic Company Culture

Whether you have a toxic company culture, or just want to improve your basically good one – here are 4 tips for improving company culture:

    1. Set a standard of respect through clearly communicated and demonstrated core values.Our research for the Employee Experience Optimized showed that 91% of employees whose leadership regularly lived up to the company’s core values had an excellent employee experience vs. only 41% of those that didn’t.How can leadership live out those values? A few ways include making sure all new hires exhibit those values, publicly recognize employees who act according to them, possibly saying good-bye to staff members that aren’t in line with them, and regularly communicating those values to your employees.Introducing a set of core values that show employees what it means to treat each other with respect – and then publicly acting on those values – is a big step towards turning around a toxic culture.
    2. Encourage peer-to-peer recognitionPeer-to-peer employee recognition can transform an office. When coworkers are expected to recognize each others’ great work — and get rewarded for doing that recognition — teams bond together.One study shows that enabling teammates to recognize and reward each other clearly boosts team productivity more than just rewarding employees directly with an individual cash bonus for great work.
    3. Practice continuous feedbackThe old model of employee feedback — the annual review — can create a toxic culture in and of itself.In today’s world, employees want to have an impact on their company and a voice in how they are treated. The annual review was often a one-way conversation about performance, setting annual goals that may not matter in a month given the pace of change that companies face today.To avoid creating toxic culture, ask your managers to start being employee coaches and have regular one-on-one meetings with their employees to review goals and performance. You also may want to take pulse surveys to get regular feedback on employee thoughts – and then act on what you hear.

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  1. Offer Transparent CommunicationWhen employees work in a company led by open, honest leadership – it’s hard to have toxic culture. Of course, no company or executive can share every detail every program, but the more that you have the difficult conversations or share a vision about company direction, the more employees can see their own role in company growth.

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