Elderwood Uses Kazoo to Incentivize COVID-19 Vaccination

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Users of the Kazoo platform are familiar with Incentives — the capability that enables employees to earn rewards points for completing activities that support your company culture, like earning safety certifications, participating in wellness programs, and more. And now, at least one Kazoo customer has created a COVID-19 vaccination Incentive.

Example Incentives for wellness -- complete open enrollment, break a sweat, and volunteer

Everyone uses Incentives a little bit differently. Admins can customize the capability to incentivize behaviors in line with their company’s unique mission, goals, and values. At Kazoo, we always get a kick out of hearing about innovative uses of our platform. Which is why a new Incentive from Kazoo customer Elderwood — for employees to get their COVID-19 vaccine — made us perk up with delight.

We just started the COVID-19 vaccination Incentive a couple weeks ago and already have over 100 redemptions.

We just started the COVID-19 vaccination Incentive a couple weeks ago and already have over 100 redemptions!” said Jennifer Hasse, Elderwood’s Director of Human Resources and Operations. “We plan to continue it indefinitely especially as the vaccine becomes more readily available and staff become more comfortable receiving it.”

Elderwood's Covid-19 vaccine incentive

Elderwood is a leading provider of care for seniors in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States, serving more than 1,700 seniors through nursing homes, assisted living, home care, and more. The COVID-19 pandemic brought severe challenges to the industry, including staffing and regulatory challenges as well as COVID fatigue for both care providers and patients. In what proved to be lucky timing, Elderwood launched Kazoo in January 2020, right before the pandemic hit.

It couldn’t have come at a better time than just before the pandemic hit,” Jennifer said. “Because staff quickly became familiar with using it and were able to spread appreciation and points to their coworkers – especially during such a difficult time.”

As the COVID-19 vaccine became available to care providers, Elderwood realized Kazoo’s Incentives capability was a perfect way to promote safe practices and align with the company’s iCARE values: Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, and Excellence. 

Now, Elderwood staff can earn 100 points in Elderwood’s Kazoo platform by redeeming the COVID-19 vaccination incentive. (Learn about rewards points.)

The Elderwood team has always come up with fun and exciting initiatives in Kazoo, and I was thrilled to hear that they were using our platform to continue to give back to our frontline workers,” said Rachel Mayl, Kazoo’s account manager for Elderwood.

“We’ve seen so many HR teams step up during COVID-19, whether it’s using Kazoo to point pool for relief charities, sending bulk recognitions to boost morale between employees, or introducing fun Incentives for maintaining a healthy work/life balance in these crazy times. I love seeing our customers use Kazoo to make their workplaces, and the world, a better place!”

How do you Kazoo?

Elderwood’s vaccination Incentive is an inspiring use of HR technology! So how do you Kazoo? We love hearing customer stories about innovative uses of our platform — let us know on social media! We’re on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube, and we’d love to hear from you.

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