The Four Pillars of the Employee Experience

We talk a great deal about the employee experience. But what supports it? Kazoo’s motivation research finds these four pillars critical to creating strong employee experience.

  • Connection:​ Feeling connected to my manager, colleagues, company, and community.
  • Meaningful impact:​ Knowing my company, and the work I do, has meaning and purpose.
  • Appreciation:​ Feeling acknowledged and appreciated for my contributions.
  • Growth: Knowing my company supports my personal and professional growth.

Why these four pillars?

Behavioral science shows that employees perform best when they have positive intrinsic, or internal, motivation. When employees get pleasure from doing their work, doing the work is a reward. In other words, employees do best when they like their jobs.

Intrinsic motivation isn’t just a nice-to-have. Intrinsically motivated employees are more engaged and perform better. In fact, employees’ intrinsic motivation levels have a direct correlation to companies’ rankings on “Best Places to Work” lists.

Building intrinsic motivation is tricky. Using extrinsic motivation tools like bonuses, incentives, perks, or competitions is straightforward. But use with care! The London School of Economics has found that extrinsic motivation can ruin an employee’s intrinsic motivation if the perks are applied to work an employee enjoys doing anyway.

So what does work? Connection to a team and management, feeling like your work matters, and giving and receiving appreciation — i.e., the four pillars.

Recognition and rewards

We recently surveyed 750 employees in 600 companies to get their views on the employee experience. 93% of them found that having each of the four pillars — connection, meaningful impact, appreciation and growth — in their jobs mattered to them.

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