The Employee Experience Survey: A Smart Business Tool

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employee experience surveyAre you looking to retain top talent, boost productivity or improve your employer brand? It may be time to implement an employee experience survey.

The employee experience is critical to business success. Research by Jacob Morgan shows that companies that invest in their employee experience have more than 4 times the profit and twice the annual revenue of those that don’t. He’s also found that Glassdoor and LinkedIn ratings, recognition for innovation, and listings on the customer satisfaction lists all increase for companies that invest in their employee experience.

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Why the Employee Experience Survey?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

— Peter Drucker, management expert

How do you measure your employee experience? You can look at side effects: turnover, how many users are engaged with an employee experience platform, absenteeism or participation in corporate programs or events.

But these won’t tell you what you need to do to improve your employee experience.

An employee experience survey is a clear way to measure the quality of your employee experience and give valuable data on where you can change.

Building an Employee Experience Survey

Our research has shown that the quality of the employee experience is determined by four pillars of connection, meaning, impact and appreciation.

Yet, it can be difficult to directly embed these four pillars into an employee experience survey. In our research for the Employee Experience Optimized, we found ten Culture Building Blocks that support these four pillars. Each one is directly linked to having a better employee experience.

As a bonus, they are easily measurable and lend themselves to an employee experience survey:

  • Sense of pride for what the company does and stands for
  • Positive, trusting relationships with managers
  • Strong, positive relationships between team members
  • Regular feedback on and appreciation for day-to-day work
  • Clear understanding of company and team goals
  • Opportunities for professional growth and continued learning
  • Knowledge of how individual work makes a difference in company or team success
  • Flexibility to meet demands of personal and professional life
  • Swift and transparent company-wide communication
  • Opportunities for ownership, creativity, and innovation at work

At Kazoo, we believe it is important to make it easy for out customers to use and create a regular employee experience survey. So, we’ve already preprogrammed many of these questions into the Surveys portion of our Kazoo Employee Experience Platform.

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